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Friday, January 13th, 2023 2:22 PM


Reference view for name pages. (And other contributor gripes.)

Where's the "reference view" for name pages? Title pages have always had one, like this:


I can't stand the new "mobile view" default for any page, and from the feedback over the past couple years here, everyone else hates it too.

So I just use the reference view for title pages. Name pages weren't affected by the IMDb mobile virus; neither were the various sub pages. However, several months ago, the name pages became infected, so I need the reference view for them too now.

Note there's still an option in our account display preferences to default to the Reference view, but this affects only title pages now for some reason.

On a related note: A few days ago, at least one of the sub pages appears to have been affected (infected) with the Mobile Virus: Technical Specs. And I'm clicking on a link from the title page reference view; it switches to Mobile View for that sub page, with a stupid pencil icon instead of the word Edit. (We're not stupid; we understand English; we don't need pictures to replace words.) Clicking on the stupid pencil brings up the editor, thankfully in Desktop mode again.

Another gripe: Can't stand the newer Mobile editor either (the one that was changed last year): it lacks the necessary options it used to have and which the Desktop version has always had. The Mobile editor is unusable now by my standards.

Also: The javascript in the regular Desktop editor is problematical as well; those buttons are too close to other links and the "working" icon animation is in the wrong place.

And while I'm going strong in gripe mode (a long time in coming, for all these are months or even years old problems): The newer (what, 3 years old by now?) "beta" Contribution History page (still labelled as "in development"!) also still lacks links to re-edit a submission; the original page uses the submission number as a link to do that. The only seeming advantage to the newer in development version is the at-a-glance approval/denial flags (though not always accurate anyway) (and the Mobile View has them overlap each other and run out of the side of the box and off the screen to the right, duh.)

Screw Mobile everything. Damn pestilence is what it is.

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