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Sat, Feb 18, 2017 12:54 PM

Live Poll: Myers-Briggs Personalities of Fictional Characters


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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) measures psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. Which fictional character comes closest to your personality?

You may discuss this poll here (

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Princess Leia Organa - ESTJ (Supervisor) - ESTJs are very practical and make good administrators, with a good eye for detail and a flair for setting up logical systems. They sometimes overlook feelings and mood, though.

Spock - ISTJ (Inspector) - ISTJs are orderly, dependable, practical and dutiful above all. They prefer working with facts and can be conservative in their loyalty to traditions.

Truman Burbank - ESFJ (Provider) - ESFJs value security and enjoy making others feel well-cared-for. They are loyal to the belief system of their environment (as opposed to an internal one) and can be outspoken when others fall out of line.

Jiminy Cricket - ISFJ (Protector) - ISFJs are loyal, orderly and sensitive. They can be very shy around people they don't know, but are the sort of person who will always remember your birthday, and are never accidentally offensive.

James Bond - ESTP (Promoter) - ESTPs are very good at convincing others to do things their way. Having said that, they developed this skill because they are the best at improvising towards a desired result, and enjoy sharing the finer experiences in life with friends.

Han Solo - ISTP (Crafter) - ISTPs are structurally oriented and very good at understanding how things work. Quiet, analytical and private, they nonetheless gravitate towards Xtreme Sportz and other high-speed, high-risk hobbies.

Penny - ESFP (Performer) - ESFPs live in the moment, learn by doing, and enjoy promoting harmony and fun. This is a team player of the highest degree, but only if they aren't bored. They also enjoy their creature comfort.

Harry Potter - ISFP (Composer) - ISFPs live in the moment and are easy-going, preferring a "live and let live" approach. They don't like confrontations and sometimes keep their mouths shut for that reason. Tend to be artistic and nature-loving.

Yoda - ENFJ (Teacher) - ENFJs are good at making a lot of friends and facilitate community-building without even thinking about it; they act as a counter-balance to almost all social situations.

Professor Albus Dumbledore - INFJ (Counselor) - INFJs are private, preferring one-on-one friendships to crowds, and often quiet about their own feelings. They are often thoughtful, artistic, and wise, and prefer to operate behind the scenes.

Marty McFly - ENFP (Champion) - ENFPs like to change things for the better, and have contagious enthusiasm, but no patience for crossing I's and dotting T's. They are good at anticipating others' needs, but crave attention and recognition.

Frodo Baggins - INFP (Healer) - INFPs are absolute idealists: they have values inside them which they really want to live by. This makes them good at encouraging other people's growth, but can cause them to be too hard on themselves. They can be shy and reserved, but they're incredibly passionate and intelligent individuals with an innate need to change the world.

Mr. Kesuke Miyagi - ENTJ (Fieldmarshal) - ENTJs, like most NJs, enjoy making plans and carrying them out. They make really good leaders, but have trouble not being objective and accounting for emotions. They are fact-driven and good at highlighting inefficiencies.

Batman - INTJ (Mastermind) - INTJs are clever,analytical, pragmatic and logical, and are not scared to tell someone (or themselves) when they're being stupid. They emphasize efficiency, making them simultaneously loners and excellent leaders. Their natural talent for planning and system-building often makes them the perfect villains.

Willy Wonka - ENTP (Inventor) - ENTPs are clever and analytical, often with quick wits and a quicker tongue. They love arguing just for the sake of arguing. They aren't fans of planning and prefer a spontaneous lifestyle. They're almost always thinking outside the box, and are easily bored.

Gandalf - INTP (Architect) - INTPs are loners with a love of information and a knack for logic. This can lead to Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness, but also the opposite, as INTPs are best at describing complex ideas concisely. They are independent, creative, and curious. They are basically the 'nerds' of MBTI; that is certainly not a bad thing.

= = =

I thought it would be interesting to compare the results of the poll against the US Population Breakdown provided in the Wikipedia article.

Since participants in the poll are not randomly selected, the results only represent the participants in the MBTI poll. It would be inappropriate to extrapolate to people who participate in the IMDb poll and the users of IMDb.

Regardless, here are the results so far:
MBTI	Count	Percent	CharacterINTJ	 173	 16%	BatmanINTP	 144	 13%	GandalfINFJ	 130	 12%	Professor Albus DumbledoreISFP	  77	  7%	Harry PotterISTP	  76	  7%	Han SoloISTJ	  75	  7%	SpockINFP	  74	  7%	Frodo BagginsESFJ	  52	  5%	Truman BurbankENFJ	  50	  4%	YodaESTJ	  47	  4%	Princess Leia OrganaENFP	  46	  4%	Marty McFlyENTP	  45	  4%	Willy WonkaISFJ	  42	  4%	Jiminy CricketESTP	  35	  3%	James BondESFP	  31	  3%	PennyENTJ	  15	  1%	Mr. Kesuke MiyagiTotal	1112	100%	Comparison with US Population BreakdownRanges are for the US Population.Single values are the result of this poll.ISTJ	ISFJ	INFJ	INTJ11–14%	9–14%	1–3%	2–4%7%	4%	12%	16%ISTP	ISFP	INFP	INTP4–6%	5–9%	4–5%	3–5%7%	7%	7%	13%ESTP	ESFP	ENFP	ENTP4–5%	4–9%	6–8%	2–5%3%	3%	4%	4%ESTJ	ESFJ	ENFJ	ENTJ8–12%	9–13%	2–5%	2–5%4%	5%	4%	1%Extroversion	24%Introversion	76%	iNtuition	59%Sensing 	41%	Feeling		45%Thinking	55%	Judgment	48%Perception	52%
= = =

I suspect that the majority of people based their choice on the picture and/or character rather than the description, since the results vary widely from percentages of personality types reported in articles related to the MBTI. It would be interesting to conduct a proper controlled study of IMDb users. If would also be interesting to know the demographics of the people taking this poll.

= = =

BuffySummers-2  Tue Apr 29 2014 21:10:39

When self-reports are mapped from (the peer reviewed and accepted) results of Big-Five Tests, you *can* work backwards to an MBTI label. It seems the theory behind the MBTI is possibly valid (IMHO it may very well be), but (due to the way statistics work) there is currently NO way any tests work the way they claim they should work.

But, there have been surveys (not studies or experiments, user satisfaction surveys) reporting it to be helpful for team building exercises in some types of business and it's fun, but psychologists don't use it. They use the Big Five or HEXACO.

Big Five is reliable, but the MBTI, unless used for hiring purposes, is fun and harmless enough.

= = =

The Wikipedia article that I cite in the poll also states that Dumbledore(INFJ) is rare with between 1–3% of the US Population. In contrast 12% of people taking the poll identify with Dumbledore.

On December 11, I compared the distribution of those voting in the Myers-Briggs poll and compared it against the US Population. I reported the results at that time in this post: 48

Although the results of this poll are interesting, the results only represent the participants in the MBTI poll, since it is a self-selection poll. It would be inappropriate to extrapolate to people who participate in the IMDb poll and the users of IMDb.

= = =

I suspect that many people taking this poll choose their favorite character, rather than use the description. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine this. I know of at least four people taking the poll who used their actual Myer-Briggs result: you, me and two other people. I consistently score as an INTJ (Batman), but consider Yoda and Mr. Kesuke Miyagi my two favorite characters from the poll.

This poll and the IMDb Polls in general, are self selection polls. As such extrapolating beyond those taking a specific poll is probably meaningless. Regardless, it would be interesting to know the demographics of those who took this poll versus the demographics of those who take IMDb polls, those who use the IMDb message boards and the user base of IMDb.

= = =

bryan_lomax  Fri Jan 10 2014 10:29:34

Another thing with this is that the Myers Briggs test requires that people be absolutely honest with themselves as they answer the questions. I sat down with my wife to answer the questions and sometimes she disagreed with answers that I put. Who's right? My wife might be a little more objective because she has been able to observe me in all kinds of situations. She might be more subjective because she loves me. I might be more subjective about myself because I think too highly of me. I might be more objective of myself because I have a low opinion of me. If I took the test on a different day I might choose different answers depending on how I feel. It's all very flawed, but it is interesting.

= = =

I suspect that someone trained to conduct the MBTI would be horrified on how I misused the test. I'm certainly glad I did not use the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory ( as the basis of a poll.

= = =

There are significant deficiencies with the current version of the poll. I acknowledge them elsewhere in this thread.

Eventually, it would probably be wise to close the current version of the "Myers-Briggs Personalities of Fictional Characters" in the future and run an updated version with the characters that you and/or BuffySummers-2 suggested. BuffySummers-2 has formal background with the Myers-Briggs Personalities Inventory (MBPI).

It will be interesting to see how the results of an updated version of the poll compare to the current version.

When the current version of the poll is closed, would be happy to you and BuffySummers-2 create the new version. Unfortunately, only one author is given credit for the poll, the person who created the list.

= = =

BuffySummers-2  Thu May 29 2014 13:29:41

The "rarest type" stuff has never been backed up by any studies at all. There isn't even an original paper to be read or replicated.

There is no data to back it up. None.

If there was a study, it's not hard to guess that the introverts didn't answer the phone, and of the few who did, the more inquisitive types wanted to know why a stranger was asking them personal questions and then hung up.

Percentages of types in the population is a myth that is repeated over and over again.

= = =

BuffySummers-2 Tue Apr 29 2014 20:45:00


I know ya'all don't know me, but my graduate research was in personality theories.

I don't know all of these characters, but Harry Potter is incorrect.

Dumbledor is correctly noted as INFJ. All Gryffindors favor NF traits. Hermione is also INFJ. Ron is ENFP.
Ravenclaws favor NT.
Hufflepuffs favor SJ
Slytherins favor SP. (Draco ESFP, Narcissa ISFP.)

The Sorting Hat did almost put Harry in Slytherin, so ISFP is not too far off, but it allowed him to choose Gryffindor. It's possible that his N versus S preference was 60% to 40%, but Ultimately, Harry was allowed into Gryffindor. Lily was INFJ. James was ENFP. Their son's preference was for INFP.

If you need an ISFP character for your poll, Regina Mills from Once Upon a Time before she used magic fits perfectly, as do Xander and Tara from Buffy or Kaylee from Firefly.

Also, there are a bunch of different versions of Batman. Dr. House is a perfect example of INTJ.

Have fun, and all the best!

= = =

Hi BuffySummers-2,

Thank you for the feedback and taking the time to respond. It's also good to see another fan of OUAT posting here. I appreciate your insight into the MBTI types for the characters.

Unfortunately, once a poll has gone live, we cannot substitute another choice without causing a lot of problems.

I used, which as you have indicated has flaws that would invalidate this poll if it were to be used for a properly vetted study of IMDb poll users.

By its very nature, this polls is a self selection survey. As you probably know from developing test designs, self selection surveys do not allow for a random selection of the target population. We also do not know the demographics of those who took the survey. As such we cannot extrapolate the results to the larger population.

As you may have noticed, the percentages of people falling into the 16 MBTI is radically different than the expected ranges. It would be interesting to determine whether this is due to the many anomalies in this poll or is real indicator of the people who take these polls.

Thank you again and have fun.

= = =

I posted a blog entry on this poll.

Myers-Briggs Personalities of Fictional Characters

= = =

darkhowlingwolf  Sat Sep 12 2015 15:43:15

I've taken the test a few times over the past decade and I always come up as an INTJ. INTJs are quite rare, women INTJs even more so. INFJ is also a rare type as well. It's not possible for them to be in the first three highest answers.

One element of interest though is that a Myers-Briggs Personalities' poll is on a tarot forum I hang on, and the INFJ is the one type that most people have on the forums, closely followed by INFP and INTJ.

= = =

Hi darkhowlingwolf,

Welcome to the IMDb Poll message board.

I've also taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) instrument multiple times and I always come up as INTJ.

By no means is this a scientific poll. This is an example of a self-selection poll, which means that the demographics of those taking the poll probably does not correspond to IMDb users or to the population as a whole.

I've come to the conclusion that the majority of the people taking this poll choose their favorite character rather than their Myers-Briggs type. However, there is still the remote possibility that the very nature of this poll would attract INTJs.

Elsewhere in this thread a person with a Master in Psychology with specific training on the MBTI stated that the characters used to represent the Myers-Briggs Type do not accurately represent the types. She also stated in a private message that the distributions of each of the types was an a priori estimate and has never been validated.

Regardless of the multiple problems with this poll, I hope you enjoyed taking this specific poll and consider taking other IMDb polls.




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Myers-Briggs Personalities of Fictional Characters
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