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FAQ: Key Threads - IMDb Poll FAQs Index

Index of IMDb Poll Information

Sections (Table of Contents):
General Interest
Poll Authors
Poll History

General Interest


IMDb Polls

Legacy IMDb Polls

IMDb users daily poll
FAQ: New authors: Face-Off Polls
FAQ: Polls Featured at IMDb's Facebook/Twitter Page
FAQ: IMDb Poll Posted To Facebook
The Poll is Back!
FAQ: Poll Authors
FAQ: Polls Featured at IMDb Home Page
FAQ: How to Improve the Chance of Having your Poll on the Home Page
FAQ: Hotly Contested!
JFF: Where are you from?
FAQ: What Time Zone are you in?

How to Determine How Many Polls you have Taken
The number of polls you’ve taken is shown at the bottom of your profile page. Note: a user can only see the number of polls they have taken.
FAQ: One Million Votes
FAQ: Poll Milestones
FAQ: First Poll to Cross 20k Votes
FAQ: Which race is Gandalf?
FAQ: IMDb Seen Gets an Upgrade
FAQ: IMDb Seen now available on poll results...
FAQ: How to unsubscribe from email notifications

Poll Authors
FAQ: So You Want to Make an IMDb Poll? Here's How...
Please note: Polls are limited to a maximum of 35 choices.

IMDb Poll FAQ: Learn How to Make IMDb Poll on YouTube | Easy Tutorial for Beginners
FAQ: Selection Criteria for Polls
FAQ: Time to Go Live

FAQ: How to Post Your Poll Suggestion at Get Satisfaction Site?
FAQ: Reminder: Get Satisfaction is a Public Forum
FAQ: How To change the Resolution of an Image on Get Satisfaction
Discussion by poll authors on how they approach creating polls.
FAQ: How do you create your suggestions?
JFF: When making your list
Create a new list

Frequently Asked Questions about Lists
Note: The URL tag does not work for lists.

FAQ: Attention Poll Authors: Mark Up Tags for Polls
The markup code for the IMDb message boards and lists are based on BBCode or Bulletin Board Code (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBCode).The markup code for IMDb message boards and lists are slightly different.

If you look at the link (URL) for a person (name), character, title or company page, you will see a unique key or identifier. The general form is [link=key]. For instance:

[link=nm0000151] as [link=ch0001387] in[link=tt0111161] produced by [link=co0040620]

renders as:
Morgan Freeman as Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding in The Shawshank Redemption (1994) produced by Castle Rock Entertainment

You can copy and paste the images from the following page to a Get Satisfaction Thread

The emoticon images are originally from

Happy smiley 64

How can I tell if a poll is live?

If you want to know if a poll is live, just replace the word 'list' in a list URL with 'poll'. If you get a 404 error page, the poll is not live. Otherwise, you will see the poll.

So, in this case:
http://www.imdb.com/list/ls056959189/ (list)
http://www.imdb.com/poll/4eyyw7SK-0s/ (poll, if it's live)

Poll authors, please consider including the listing of your lists within the suggestion post as well as making the list itself. This makes it easier for others to review your list; helps ensure that people do not suggest items already in your list and increases your chances of having your poll selected.

How can I find the list upon which a poll is base?

All IMDb polls are based upon IMDb lists. To find the list upon which a poll is based, replace "poll" with with "list" in a poll URL. If you receive a 404 (page not found) error, the author of the poll deleted the list. If the list is deleted, the poll cannot be updated.

So, in this case:
http://www.imdb.com/poll/4eyyw7SK-0s/ (poll)
http://www.imdb.com/list/4eyyw7SK-0s/ (list)
http://www.imdb.com/list/ls056959189/  (this becomes this list)

How can I when a poll has gone live?

If you want to know when a specific poll went live, you can switch to mobile view, which shows the date.

It's pretty easy to just copy the text from the list once it's made and edit out the unneeded text.

FAQ: Poll Authors - Re-Push Requests
FAQ: A Note On Polls
FAQ: Poll Maker Badge
FAQ: Poll Close Requests
FAQ: Request for Simpler, More Straightforward Polls
FAQ: The New IMDb Quiz

Spoilers in poll
Best practice:
1) Write spoiler in the title:  For example, in Thing and Inception suggestions.

2) Hide survey responses in case someone accidentally enters the poll and does not want to see the candidates.

3) Spoiler tags do not hide text that is linked or has a color.

FAQ: Avoiding Duplicate Poll Proposals
FAQ: Polls Needed For Missing Popular Names and Titles
FAQ: Poll Authors: Regarding Face-Off and Throwback Titles
FAQ: Poll Making with Character Pages

Poll History

Plots related to IMDb Polls

Index of Polls

= = =

This is the list of live polls sorted in different ways. These blog entries are updated periodically.
FAQ: Summary Statistics

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|Alphabetical |Alphabetical by Author |Friday Face-Off |Votes by Author |Titles Seen
|Top IMDb Polls | Home Page Polls | Categories | Summary Statistics

FAQ: List of Polls Alphabetical Within Category



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4 years ago

Dan, can I ask what the difference is between these two lists?

By Contention | Hotly Contested 



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They use different ways to determine which polls do not have a clear choice:

By Contention
Uses the formula:
V1/VT - 1/N

V1 - Number of votes for the first choice.
VT - Total number of choices
N - Number of choices

The values range from 0 to 1. When the value is zero the votes are evenly distributed between the choices. When the value is one, only the first choice has votes.

Hotly Contested
Uses the ratio of the top two choices in a poll (V1/V2). The values range from 1 to infinity. When that ratio is one the poll is hotly contested between the top two choices.

V1 - Number of votes for the first choice.
V2 - Number of votes for the second choice.




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