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Sun, Jul 21, 2019 2:00 AM

FAQ: How to unsubscribe from email notifications

How to unsubscribe from Get Satisfaction notifications:
  1. Visit your profile:;
  2. Click "Email & Notifications", then login again if asked;
  3. Uncheck all the notification options, and click "Save Emails & Notifications" (green);
  4. Turn off the other notification options (Community Notifications), and click "Save Company Notifications" (green).
How to unsubscribe from IMDb notifications:
  1. Visit your IMDb profile at Email preferences;
  2. In the "IMDb Informational Emails" uncheck those types of e-mails that you prefer not receiving;
  3. In the "IMDb Subscription Emails and Newsletters" uncheck all options;
  4. Click "Save" button (yellow) at the bottom of the page.



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