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Mon, Jul 26, 2021 3:06 AM


PS: The Worst Movie / Score Mash-Up


Some time ago, denjuan8 made a poll in which he asked, "Which Movie / Score Mash-Up would work best?". Now we got a new idea and figured out the worst score-movie combinations.

Which of them seems to be the most unbearable?

Please lament here.


Suggestion for movies, not TV-Shows or Series, no animated, no documentations, scores (!) - no soundtracks, (except the movie/soundtrack-mash-up fits very good to the idea). Best extremely funny combinations, but also depressing or somehow wrong feeling mash-ups. The difference should be imaginably clear.


Poll: TBD



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Il y a 10 m

The Dark Knight with the score of The Pink Panther?