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Monday, February 5th, 2024 5:49 PM

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Info to poll makers

Hi everyone 

Just some things to think about when making a list for a poll suggestion:   

- Do not use bullet points ( • ) to list things under an option or in the intro text - they don't work in poll format  

- When listing several things under an option, always add a blank line or punctuation marks ( ; ) to separate the sentences

Example from a poll:

Category: Actress in a Supporting Role


IMDb votes for Kerry Condon: 34%


Oscar Winner: Jamie Lee Curtis in Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) (24% of the IMDb votes)


Poll: Oscars 2023 — Actress in a Supporting Role

Without the spaces, it would have looked like this: 

Category: Actress in a Supporting RoleIMDb votes for Kerry Condon: 34%Oscar Winner: Jamie Lee Curtis in Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) (24% of the IMDb votes)Poll:Oscars 2023 — Actress in a Supporting Role

- When making an image list, it's always good to add captions (title, character name etc.). If an image should disappear from the poll, it's hard for the poll taker to know what the option was: Example

Reminder: Re-pushing a poll

A live poll can be updated (re-pushed) to add one or more options to the poll.

Always add the new option at the end of the list, and do not change the order of the choices in the list. 

Always include a note with the day's date, so voters can see that the option was added after the poll was published. 

Request the re-push in this thread:


For even more detailed advice, see Mario's helpful guide:



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16 days ago

@Jessica ,

Thanks for writing this FAQ / guidance. 


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16 days ago

@Jessica 😀



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