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Mon, Jan 10, 2022 7:12 AM

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Duplicate Keywords - List #11 (Proposal for Permanent Merging and Auto-Conversion)

This list (#11) is merely a compilation of still-pending items from my lists #6, #9, and #10, all of which have been pending for months.

The mergers should be made in the direction of the arrows.

Duplicate Keywords Proposed for Permanent Merging and Auto-Conversion

earringed-male (103 titles)  --->  male-wearing-an-earring (32 titles)  --->  male-with-earring (18 titles) ---> male-wears-an-earring (20 titles)

earringed-man (91 titles) --->  man-with-earring (2 titles)   --->  man-wears-an-earring (84 titles)

fake-id (157 titles)  --->  fake-i-d (1 title)  ---> fake-identification (30 titles) 

fired-from-job (149 titles)  --->  fired-from-the-job (1693 titles)   ---> fired-from-a-job (241 titles) 

fridge (214 titles)  --->  refrigerator (870 titles)

great-american-depression (64 titles) ---> great-depression (476 titles)

hallucinations (72 titles)  ---> hallucination (2977 titles) 

photograph-album (66 titles)  --->  photo-album (564 titles)

row-boat (70 titles)  ---> rowboat (890 titles)

smoking-pot (157 titles)  ---> pot-smoking (915 titles)  ---> smoking-weed (81 titles)  ---> marijuana-smoking (17 titles)  ---> smoking-marijuana (315 titles)

tasmania (81 titles)  --->  tasmania-australia (9 titles)

tree-house (93 titles)  --->  treehouse (302 titles)

violence-against-woman (42 titles) ---> violence-against-women (459 titles)  --->   violence-against-a-woman (125 titles)

wearing-sunglasses-inside (260 titles)  --->  wearing-sunglasses-indoors (107 titles)

fight-the-system (216 titles) --> fighting-the-system (54 titles)


woman-wears-a-mini-skirt (13 titles) --> woman-wears-a-miniskirt (215 titles)

seduce (13 titles)  -->  seduced (5 titles)  --> seduction (5006 titles)


answering-phone (22 titles) -->  answering-the-telephone (91 titles) --> answering-a-telephone (3 titles)

based-on-actual-events (17 titles) -->  based-on-real-life-events (7 titles) -->  based-on-real-story (15 titles) -->  based-on-real-events (654 titles) -->  based-on-true-events (65 titles) -->  based-on-a-true-event (10 titles) --> based-on-true-story (6669 titles)

crime-confession (69 titles) --> confession-of-crime (228 titles)  -->  confessing-to-a-crime (6 titles) --> confession-of-a-crime (2 titles)

death-by-cutting (49 titles) --> cut-to-death (16 titles)

death-by-fire (63 titles) -->  burn-to-death (17 titles) -->  burnt-to-death (13 titles) --> burned-to-death (567 titles)

death-by-hanging (288 titles) --> hanged-to-death (43 titles)

death-by-impalement (93 titles) --> impaled-to-death (12 titles)

death-by-poisoning (78 titles)  -->  death-by-poison (91 titles)  -->  poisoned--to-death (3 titles)  --> poisoned-to-death (106 titles)

death-by-shooting (676 titles) --> death-from-shooting (2 titles) --> shot-to-death (6265 titles)

death-by-stabbing (189 titles) -->  death-from-stabbing (2 titles)  -->  stabbing-death (11 titles)  -->  stab-to-death (5 titles) --> stabbed-to-death (3014 titles)

death-by-strangulation (225 titles) -->  death-by-strangling (67 titles) -->  strangled-to-death (507 titles)

death-by-suffocation (85 titles) --> suffocated-to-death (42 titles)

electro-shock (68 titles) --> electroshock (3 titles)

father-slaps-daughter (62 titles)  --> father-slaps-his-daughter (2 titles)

father-slaps-son (77 titles)  --> father-slaps-his-son (7 titles)

indie-movie (71 titles) -->  independent-movie (253 titles) -->  indie-films (14 titles) -->  indiefilms (10 titles) --> independent-film (44183 titles)

loosely-based-on-real-events (75 titles) --> loosely-based-on-a-true-story (23 titles)

man-and-woman-share-a-bed (234 titles) -->  man-and-woman-in-bed (184 titles) --> man-and-woman-in-a-bed (79 titles)

mother-slaps-daughter (65 titles) --> mother-slapping-daughter (1 title)   --> mother-slaps-her-daughter (4 titles)

mother-slaps-son (89 titles) --> mother-slaps-her-son (7 titles)

part-animation (841 titles)   -->  part-animated (119 titles)

pick-axe (121 titles) --> pickaxe (199 titles)

talking-to-camera (340 titles) -->  talking-to-a-camera (7 titles) -->  talking-to-the-camera (3150 titles)


I really hope IMDb staff have just been too busy to act on my most recent lists, rather than deciding to stop making these keyword mergers altogether. Over the past few months I have been privately compiling many more good suggestions for future mergers, but I have been waiting to post them until my prior lists are processed.

Once we get to that point, I can post them in order of prevalence (i.e., the keywords needing mergers with the most instances on the site). Some of these keywords have thousands of instances, which would take contributors days and days of time to fix, but IMDb staff can fix them with the click of a button.

Accepted Solution



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Il y a 4 m

Hi keyword_expert -

My sincere apologies for the delay in cleaning up these duplicate Keywords, due to staff limitations these previous threads were backlogged.  

I have now merged most of the keywords reported above, however, the mapping within the contribution form is still incomplete.  The keyword I retained was "man-and-woman-share-a-bed", as there may be some slight unique differences in "sharing a bed" verses "in a bed".

Once I have completed the re-mapping I will confirm the status here.

Thanks again for your patience!


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@Michelle​ Were the keywords in the list above also set up for auto-conversion? I get the feeling they were not. 

Some examples:

death-by-shooting (28 titles)

earringed-male (1 title)

earringed-man (1 title)

fridge (2 titles)

pot-smoking (5 titles)

smoking-weed (1 title)

I believe some of the more popular merged keywords (like the ones I have listed above) will be continually re-created as long as the system allows it, i.e., unless they are set up for auto-conversion. 


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Il y a 4 m

Thank you so much, Michelle!

I will now start organizing my next list for posting. It will be a very good list, with hundreds of duplicates per keyword.



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Il y a 4 m

Having discussed this, we think there is a distinction between real-events and true-story which should be maintained.


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I remember reading that message before, and I did consider it even before I first posted this list.

I just re-read it, and it makes even less sense to me than when I read it the first time:

One implies a setting or scenario based in fact, whereas the other suggests an established tale. For example, a fictional story set during the D-Day landings would be considered based-on-real-events, but a recreation of a story documented from those events would be based-on-a-true-story. We think this distinction is helpful to people looking for specific titles, and so we would prefer to keep these separate.

I see no meaningful distinction between these two keywords, despite the attempt to draw a distinction.  I highly doubt such a distinction (as described above) was actually intended by the contributors who used the keywords in the first place. Why would someone use the phrase "real events" to describe a completely "fictional story?" After all, the word "real" is in the keyword.

For the scenario described above, where a film is a completely fictional story set during the D-Day landings, I would expect a contributor to instead use the keyword "loosely-based-on-historical-events rather than "based-on-real-events."

At any rate, the keywords have already been merged (several months after I first proposed their merger). I assume it's too late to undo it now, nor would I recommend undoing it even if it's not too late.



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If you are aware of previous decisions about specific keywords, perhaps you should point that out when you ask for corrections.


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@Peter_pbn​ I try to do that where I remember them. I often compile these lists over many weeks or months, and I don't always remember the background for each keyword when I finally get around to posting them.