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Saturday, September 3rd, 2022 6:01 AM



Amazon deleting negative reviews of Rings of Power.

I say this as someone who has enjoyed the show so far - deleting the negative written reviews of your own program on what is supposed to be a completely user-driven database is abhorrent, slimy, corrupt and has completely tainted my view of the show. This serves a stark reminder that professor Tolkien would have despised Amazon and everything this rotten company represents. IMDb existed long before Amazon and it is not their personal promotional tool. 

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1 year ago

Hear hear. I am disgusted by all the antiwoke hate these days and removing reviews that solely focus on bashing should indeed be removed but not a single review below 6 after 76 reviews submitted? That is plain evil and reminds even of Sovjet era information control.

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1 year ago

This is weak Amazon. Show some respect and honor. 

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1 year ago

Wrote an honest review for Rings of Power.  Didnt even give it a 1 as I wasnt review bombing it.  I gave it a 4.

On Saturday morning there were near 200 reviews including mine.   As of now there are 74 reviews and there isnt a single review under 5 stars.   

While I'm sure there were some troll bombs...there are just as many 10/10 ratings that are trolls also.

The fact you would be clearing any review under 5 stars is really pathetic.  How much money did Amazon pay you?  Yes, ima ctually pissed over this because I've never in my life had a proper review I made cancelled lol.   It's pretty lame

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