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Friday, August 5th, 2022 9:31 AM

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Why you can' t search for lists the same way you can search for titles and people?

Exactly what the title says

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5 months ago

Dear all,

I guess it happened also to you to search for some IMDB users list.

Maybe just to get some new idea or suggestion for movies you don't know.

Well if you ever did it, you had to do it via google.

An idea could be to let the IMDB search engine look for lists. For instance, for lists whose title is close to your query.

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@uomotorta 😀

? ?

Move / Copy this to
IMDb Community Forums > IMDb > IMDb Poll

Many List and Poll makers there can offer suggestions (and Votes)

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Advanced Search


Add "Search for Lists" ??


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3 months ago

Please make User Lists searchable. The feature is currently useless.

Every second user creates lists "movies that i watched", "series that i watched". Who cares? 

Since there is a bulk of unnecessary lists it it IMPOSSIBLE to find something related.

I would love to find "My top 10 roadmovies", "movies like x files" - but thats not possible

I recommend introducing tags to lists and search for a title.

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Meanwhile, you can use google for this. Just include 


in your search.