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Friday, December 8th, 2023 9:26 PM

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Random options

Wouldn't it be better if the images and titles were random instead of fixed every time?

For example, every time a new user enters a poll, they will encounter a new order

This makes us more likely to seek the vote we want and the polls will be fairer.

What is your opinion?

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3 months ago

@HamidrezaMpmm ,

When the IMDb poll software was being developed, many users and I suggested randomizing the choices in a poll. The developers told us that this would require a lot more effort to develop and debug. The IMDb poll community at that time relented and the current architecture is likely not to be updated much except to correct bugs.


The primary reason to randomize choices is reduce bias in a poll.


(1) The IMDb polls are not and cannot be a scientific poll, since it is a self-selection poll. This means that the population of the people taking a poll are not representative of the population as a whole or IMDb users. For that matter, we do not know the demographics of the users taking any given poll. The inherent bias in the poll is already sufficient that randomization would not help.

(2) The complexity of adding randomization would make it more difficult to determine problems.

Ultimately, the IMDb polls are a fun activity for poll authors and people taking the polls.


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@dan_dassow​ Thank you for your complete explanation
Of course, I think random selection is much better
Polls are lovely anyway
Yes, that's right, these polls are for fun rather than an expert poll (of course, you can't trust expert polls, like Trump becoming president)