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Saturday, November 11th, 2023 1:02 PM

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Poll Suggestion: IMDb Poll Board's Most Memorable Show Masters of Past Times


All around the world there were show masters in past that catched a wide audience. Some of them gathered cult status. They have passed some time ago, but are still remembered.

On which of them do you have the best memories?

Please tell us here.


It's about TV-Show-masters. Them who passed, but are still strongly memorable in the country. 3 picks per user, if there are not so many responses, I'll enhance it up to 5 per user. Let's see the responses. Each state of the world. Please explain the game show like in the examples. The positions of the options may vary by the guessed popularity of the show masters.


Poll: TBD



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5 months ago

@Breumaster ,

For your consideration:

Alex Trebek - Host for Jeopardy! (1984) for 8210 episodes 1984-2021 (until his death)

Art Fleming - Original host of Jeopardy! (1964)

Allen Ludden - Original host of The General Electric College Bowl (1959) and Password (1961)

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Thank you, Dan. I will also take them into consideration next saturday, maybe sunday. Thank you for the suggestion, they will be options on the list. I herad of two of them. Trebek was the one I heard the most often from.