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Monday, July 11th, 2022 9:20 PM



Help to find movie names


This time, I won't complain about the contributions (IMDB staff party like a minion!!)

This time, I wish I could get some help of the community to find two movies that I can't find by name

Movie 1

This one is about a man, a rich man that is a prepoten and is kidnaped at the beginning of the movie. The kidnappers show how his wife is murdered and her daughtr adopted by another family. He is in a room for years watching her daughter grow and trains to escape from there. Finally, after several years, he escapes from the room and begins to chase the kidnapers meanwhile he looks for his daughter. A very nice woman, a young nurse, helps him with his wounds of the battles. They fall in love but he still needs to find his daughter and get his revenge. When he finds the kidnaper, he finds out also that everything was because of the honor of a family that he destroyed because of his obnoxious and prepotent behaviour with the sister of the kidnaper. The kidnaper also tells him that the nurse that is now his girlfriend, is her real daughter, and then commits suicide. This man writes a letter to say good bye to the nurse and returns to the room to stay there

(Movie 2 moved to another post, to give credit for his answer to @gromit82 )

Thank you and regards!

Accepted Solution



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1 year ago

Asura: I think the first one is Oldboy (2013) (probably the American remake directed by Spike Lee, not the Korean film it was based on).


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@gromit82​ Wow, yes, this one is correct. But I will check the original from Korea too. Thanks!!