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Sat, Apr 17, 2021 8:07 AM

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IMDb Staff: Please permanently ban these keywords

The following keywords, listed in several categories, should be banned. 

Subjective Sexualization Keywords

The following keywords all involve the subjective sexualization of women or girls. Most of them appear to have been created by the same user. They have no place on IMDb and should all be perma-banned, much like the keywords "hot-guy" and "hot-woman" have already been perma-banned. 




I am less sure about the following keywords. I believe they should probably be perma-banned as well (for the same reasons as the others listed above), but I am open to hearing other viewpoints on that.


Offensive or Disparaging Keywords

The following keywords are disparaging or otherwise offensive. These keywords are the work of trolls. They have no place on IMDb and need to be perma-banned.


Politically Charged Trolling Keywords

One or more users is actively trolling IMDb with politically charged keywords. I have found other message board conversations complaining about some of these trolling keywords, such as "anti-trump." The really bizarre part is that some of these keywords will quickly and repeatedly reappear quickly after they are deleted (often within hours). I am convinced that the troll(s) behind these keywords are using some kind of bot software to track and possibly even re-add the keywords after they are deleted. The only way to effectively stop this trolling is to perma-ban the keywords.


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Il y a 1 a

Hello @keyword_expert 

I agree and support your opinion, esepcially for the term "sexy".

To ban such keyword-phrases permanently would be an advantage.



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Il y a 1 a

Hi keyword_expert -


Thanks for reporting these Keywords, I have filed a ticket for our editors to review and take the applicable actions.


As soon as I have a status I will update you here.



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And what is your idea behind removing "toxic femininity" but keeping "toxic masculinity"?

And removing "pretty legs"  but keeping "sugar daddy"?


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Please read this thread for the reasons why I am suggesting the deletions of these keywords. Otherwise, I will decline to play pointless political whataboutism games. If you feel that other keywords should be deleted for other reasons, feel free to create your own post.

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I've no objection to a "toxic femininity" keyword, but I do worry that contributors may apply it without fully grasping the meaning, which probably requires some synthetic thinking rather than simply looking up the word combo as a term. As it would stand to reason, "toxic femininity" has to refer to unethical behavior bred of some kind of emphasis on female gender roles. So, while violence and intimidation would be expected to be a major part of toxic masculinity, a thing more like the unhealthy obsession with being pleasing to men would characterize toxic femininity, for the sake of the concepts being analogous with each other. So to speak, on one hand, there is a pimp mentality, and on the other, there is a whore mentality.

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It has been three months since I posted this. Since then, a handful of the keywords I asked about have since been permabanned. I appreciate that very much.

Also since then, I and @bradley_kent (and probably others) have managed to delete a lot of the instances of the remaining keywords.

We also learned through our editing efforts that a single individual is apparently responsible for much of the subjective sexual keywords (e.g., the subjective and objectifying keywords like "leggy-chick"). Since I posted this thread, that contributor seems to have abandoned his keyword spamming. That is a good turn of events as well.

But many instances of his previous keyword spamming remain on IMDb. I am writing to follow up on some of these particular keywords. Can these keywords please be banned? Or at the very minimum, can they be consolidated/merged?

I will group the keywords below based on the obvious patterns. These keywords are not only inherently subjective and sexist, they are also spam. The same person posted these keywords all over IMDb, often posting multiple synonymous keywords on the same title. This is spam, pure and simple.

I will also note that the vast majority of the instances of these keywords are not on Adult titles. So there is not really any argument that these keywords are necessary for Adult titles. 

slim-and-attractive (27 titles)
thin-and-attractive (24 titles)
slender-and-attractive (12 titles)

thin-attractive-woman (112 titles)
slim-attractive-woman (71 titles)
slender-attractive-woman (58 titles)

thin-attractive-girl (35 titles)
slim-attractive-girl (28 titles)

slim-woman (28 titles)

slender-woman (99 titles)

hot-body (15 titles)

pretty-body (34 titles)

pretty-legs (101 titles)

hot-legs (45 titles)

sexy-legs (132 titles)

slender-legs (97 titles)

thin-legs (87 titles)

shapely-legs (48 titles)

If staff is not willing to permanently delete and ban these keywords, then can the keywords at least be merged? For example, can the "slender" and "slim" keywords be merged into the "thin" keywords? Otherwise, IMDb staff will be sending the message that it's okay to spam multiple keyword synonyms.

It is also worth noting that the keywords "beautiful," "beauty," "attractive," "attractive-woman," "hot-girl," and "hot-woman" are already permabanned as too subjective and/or vague. If those keywords are not acceptable, then why would keywords like "thin-and-attractive,""thin-attractive-girl," and "hot-legs" be acceptable?

Thanks in advance for anything that can be done about these keywords.

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Il y a 1 a

Assuming it has been applied in good faith, the keyword "toxic feminism" probably ought to be redirected to "female supremacism", since feminism is supposed to be about equality of the sexes, presumably by equality of opportunity rather than equality of outcome, but that last bit is another topic. Attaching an adjective other than a proper noun (otherwise something like "modern" or "ancient") to the term "feminism" seems tricky and should perhaps be avoided, since it probably isn't done with other "-isms" of a certain variety, like feudalism, capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism, mercantilism, scientism, chauvinism and ventriloquism (haha), but perhaps not like mechanism.

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Il y a 1 a

Dear IMDb staff,

I request that you ban the keywords listed below.

I have asked for bans of several of these before.  However, I never heard back from IMDb staff with their decisions on the keywords. Also, since my first request, my fellow contributors have manually deleted some of the keywords on my original list, for which I am very grateful. I am now narrowing down and consolidating the remaining keywords for this new request.

Many of these keywords are sexist and/or creepy. Also, these keywords are mostly the work of only a couple of contributors. Often a single contributor has added multiple keywords from the list below to the same title, even when the keywords are synonymous. This is keyword spamming.

With that said, the reason I propose the banning of these keywords is because they are subjective. A single contributor should not be the arbiter of whether a person, body part, or article of clothing is "notable," "sexy," "cute" "attractive," "very short," etc.

Please Ban These Subjective Keywords

girl-in-a-notably-short-outfit (58 titles)

girl-in-very-short-dress-or-skirt (39 titles)

cute-girl (23 titles)

sexy-legs (128 titles)

pretty-legs (87 titles)

shapely-legs (41 titles)

hot-body (13 titles)

sexy-butt (41 titles)

slim-attractive-woman (59 titles)

slender-attractive-woman (52 titles)

thin-attractive-woman (106 titles)

slim-attractive-girl (20 titles)

thin-attractive-girl (27 titles)

slim-and-attractive (20 titles)

thin-and-attractive (14 titles)

slender-and-attractive (9 titles)

As a reminder, the keyword "hot-woman" (and several others like it) are already banned as being too subjective. The keywords listed in this post should be banned as well for the exact same reason.

Note: This comment was created from a merged conversation originally titled IMDb Staff - Please Ban These Subjective Keywords


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Il y a 5 m

Removing "cute girl"? You're definitely taking this too far. This is getting stupid.

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The keyword "cute-girl" is inherently subjective, and keywords like "hot-woman," "hot-guy," "hot woman," "beauty," "beautiful-girl," "beautiful-woman," and others have already been banned for exactly that reason. A "cute girl" to some may be an "ugly girl" to others. 

Sorry if you think IMDb staff are "stupid" for enforcing their keyword guidelines, but I happen to disagree with you.