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Wed, Mar 15, 2017 5:16 PM

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Representative Listings

Currently there are listings available for Publicist, Manager, Legal Rep, and Agents. However, there is no listing for an online/social media representative, which is increasingly a common and highly valued member of an actor or director's team. Very often, a talent's general Publicist is NOT responsible for the maintenance of their social media profiles.

It would be wonderful if a listing option could be added ASAP for those who do what we do. I currently have multiple high profile A-list clients as a Social Media Manager/Strategist, however there is no indication on IMDB that I am in any way associated with these people, despite being the primary individual behind their multi-million follower social media accounts. 

The label could be any of the following:

Digital Representative
Social Media Representative
Social Media Manager
Digital Marketer
Digital Publicist

I've sent feedback about this in the past, and over a year has passed, meanwhile myself and many of my associates remain unlisted as a vital member of our clients' teams. Please assist! Thank you!
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