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Monday, October 17th, 2022 9:06 PM

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Need a Delay on the Pop-Up Box when pointer rolls over Name/Title hyperlink on IMDbPro.com website

I'm reporting a small but annoying issue with the user interface on the imdbPro website on laptop. You have it set up so that when a pointer rolls over a hyperlinked Name or Title, a huge pop-up box appears with their photo and several summary highlights for that person or title (in the form of more hyperlinks).  The problem is the main-page rollover-hyperlinks are too sensitive.  Even if the pointer whips by a main-page hyperlink (while user is moving pointer to another part of the page), the undesired pop-up box appears, and gets in the way of where the user is wanting to click.  Instead of clicking the desired spot on the main page, the click happens on an unintended link in the pop-up box that is on top of where the user was wanting to click. The user gets sent to the wrong page, then has to go back-track again and more meticulously avoid the pop-up boxes. That's a pain.  You could solve this if you made it so that a pointer has to hover over a hyperlink for a full second before triggering the pop-up box. PLEASE implement this fix. Thank You

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