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Tuesday, July 9th, 2024 10:37 PM


Most releases are missing in the International Box Office


I want to report that in most countries the number of releases that are shown in the International Box Office is way below the real number of films. And I'm not just talking about indie films that might have a few screens, but major releases by major distributors. For instance, I'm interested in following the Box Office of Argentina and Uruguay, and in both cases it only shows a few (if not just one) release. I have noticed that inthe main menu where you can see the weekends before clicking on any, there number of releases doesn't match the releases shown. Here's an example:


In Uruguay it sasys "12 releases", but then after clicking on it, it only shows the gross of Despicable Me 4, and nothing else:


Please fix this problem.

Thank you!!



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8 days ago

Hello @fsfasanello,

In order to help you with your request, I recommend you to contact our customer service. You can use the following filter to contact our customer service team: