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Thursday, November 16th, 2023 2:24 AM



iPhone App displays logo upon open, then goes to blank screen forever

App worked fine on old iPhone. Then got new phone and it hangs after logo disappears. Have deleted and reinstalled and getting same issue. Any ideas how to fix?



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25 days ago

Hello @ian_c_campbell,

Please know that for the security of our members, we no longer support login functionality for certain versions of the IMDbPro App. For iOS, please ensure that your device is on iOS 13 or higher.


However if you've confirmed that your device meets the criteria, please confirm and write us back with the following:


  • Device model
  • OS version number
  • IMDbPro App version number
  • Screenshots


Your device model and software version number can be found in your phone settings, typically in "General information" and "About" sections.


For more information about how to access this information or for troubleshooting tips, please visit our Help Site article.


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Thanks Jon!

device: iPhone 11

iOS 17.1.1

that said, I tried deleting and reinstalling one more time and now it’s working. Appreciate you getting back to me though