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Monday, October 3rd, 2022 8:38 PM



IMDb to IMDb Pro - how do I transfer my original IMDb profile to Pro

I want to transfer all my credits earned from years in the industry and update my latest credits in IMDb pro.  How do I do that?  Is there a transfer process?



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2 years ago

Hello @Kellymason,

There is no need to "transfer" details between IMDb and IMDbPro. You can simply claim your existing IMDb page on IMDbPro. If you need assistance with claiming your IMDb page and making updates on IMDbPro, please see our help guide: Claim your page

To join IMDbPro, you will need to log into an existing Amazon account or create a new Amazon account. For details with linking, please see Linking IMDb and Amazon accounts.

For more information here is our help page:

Please let us know if we can offer any further help.