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Monday, December 4th, 2023 3:35 PM



Imdb Pro & Imdb basic

Hello. I have a question. I got Imdb pro (basic version) first and then Imdb Pro premium. Then I realized I can't afford the premium and I took it off.

1) I understand that they are not going to charge me any money (theorically, the first month was free).

2) I want to know if my profile photo will be there, despite all this (I think it should stay there, because I uploaded it when I was still a Premium user).

Can u tell me something about this? Thank u so much!



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3 months ago

Hi there Jesus,


Please note that having photos in your account is a benefit of the IMDbPro Premium membership.
If you have a basic membership, the photos you have uploaded will be temporarily removed.


For further assistance, please contact our Customer Service team and we will be able to further help.