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Tuesday, February 27th, 2024 11:10 PM



How to use my stage name on IMDb Pro Group Account

So I just upgraded from IMDb Pro to an IMDb Pro Group account thinking that I could add my production company team mates as well as have our PA manage the submissions, etc.

My existing Pro page has our CEO's / Exec Prod's data which I set up. I'm the only page admin. I'm also an Exec Prod & co-founder.

Now I can't claim my own page, which is in my stage name, without submitting ID.

So the quandary / questions are:

1. if I invited myself to the group account (different email), and clicked the invite link, why can't I just set it up?

2. How do I use my stage name (as our CEO is) as my IMDb name?

Am I crazy, or is this odd?



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4 months ago

Hello @ASE,

Our customer service team has reached out to you directly for assistance with your account.