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Thu, Oct 21, 2021 4:42 AM



How do I connect with actors and producers in the industry?

What is the best way to connect to someone like Wes Anderson or Jason Schwartzman?

I would like to know if they would follow screenwriters starting out, and who is submitting screenplays via filmfreeway.com.

I have my first script, "Writing To Gillian," being fully revised, and is currently being "shopped around."  I want them to

know about my efforts.  They can eventually contact me via e-mail.  I want to work with Mr. Schwartzman, for the lead

character of "Michael Martin."  I have been writing this script for six very long years.  I have two other scripts in

development, and a web site for promotional use.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Markus McLaughlin


Hudson, MA  




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7 m ago

Hello @ScreenwriterM


All contact information we have on a given individual is available online under the 'Contact' section, on their IMDb Pro page (Membership is required). See, for example:


If you are looking for contact information for a company, the data will be listed under the 'Branch Offices' section on the page. See, for example:


If the Agent/Contact page has no data, it means we don't have any contact info for that person or company yet.

You can also browse our People Directory at


This page features a directory of all people in the database who we have representation/contact information, categorized by profession and sorted by STARmeter rank.