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Fri, Jul 9, 2021 9:38 PM


How about an option for name page owners to select if they want photos of them on title pages to show up in their gallery?

I've seen some questions about this and am wondering if it would be a lot of hassle to integrate an option where the owner of a name page can select if they want a photo from a title page with their name tagged to show up in their gallery? Would be very practical and not create any legal problems.

I've seen someone saying they wanted to avoid uploading photos to their name page themselves and I would imagine that this could be due to copyright issues.

E.g. an actor might not hold the rights to stills from a film or series they've appeared in but still want them to show up on their page. That would mean they would not have the right to upload them on their name page themselves but if they're already on the title page and their names tagged, they might wish to see them show up on their own name page as well.

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