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Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 11:31 AM



Filtering search

Hi there,

I am wondering when I do a search, can I limit the search to 'drama' - rather than it showing drama plus other genres such as comedy. 

Thank you

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6 months ago

@MovieList You cannot do this with the IMDbPro advanced title search, but you can do this with the new advanced title search on the regular IMDb.com site.   First opt in to the new experience by following the instructions in https://community-imdb.sprinklr.com/conversations/imdbcom/imdb-advanced-search-redesign-beta/652d9e3c7727574070c19e1a

You can then visit https://www.imdb.com/search/title/?title_type=feature&genres=drama,!action,!adventure,!animation,!biography,!comedy,!crime,!family,!fantasy,!film-noir,!game-show,!history,!horror,!music,!musical,!mystery,!news,!reality-tv,!romance,!sci-fi,!sport,!talk-show,!thriller,!war,!western,!documentary to see movies which only have exactly the drama genre.  You can use the search filters on the left to add further constraints or if you only wish to only exclude the drama/comedy combination, click the “x” to the right of any/each [Exclude <genre> X] listed near the top of the page as appropriate. 

Hope this helps.