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Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 6:48 PM


Feedback on new imdb layout and navigation

It is much harder to navigate to the information I'm looking for now. It requires many more clicks because without the tabs at the top of each project and company pages, I have to click back to project or company home page each time I want to go from "actors" to "filmmakers" or "staff" to "clients" etc. I understand that websites are often looking to find ways to get more clicks, but as someone with tendonitis in my fingers, I can tell you that extra clicking back and forth is anti-accessibility. It also takes much longer to get information, and is not user-friendly... So overall, this update is a big downgrade from how the site layout used to work.

I hope others who have recognized this problem will vote this up. And if you disagree with me, please comment with whatever hacks you've found to make it work for you.

Thanks for listening. 

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