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Sunday, September 17th, 2023 12:35 PM


Dissappearing Picture

A couple of months ago I had some pictures taken with the express purpose of making sure I had a good one on my IMDB page. I set that all up pretty quickly. Seeing as I had no use for IMDB Pro beyond that, I canceled that account afterwards. But now my pictures are gone. Can IMDB just alter my page like that without giving me a heads up? Is not having your pictures deleted just a Pro feature? This feels weird and I'd like to know what's happening.

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5 days ago

What happens to my images when I cancel my membership?

Any images that you’ve uploaded will be removed from the site when you cancel your membership. This may include your primary image and featured image selections, as well as any images which you have added to your gallery.




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5 days ago

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Remember that you need an IMDbPro Standard membership to upload and keep photos on your Name Page.

When your Standard membership expires, the photos you have uploaded will be removed.

I've checked your account and see that you have a Basic membership, please click here so you can compare the benefits of each type of membership.