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Friday, February 9th, 2024 11:29 PM



Can a person edit the "frequently credited with" section

We have clients who have done several seasons of one or two specific shows many years ago-- and so the people appearing in this section worked with them for 30-50-80 episodes-- but it was only on one show--  so really only once-- and they shouldn't be listed in a  "frequently credited with" section.  It's meaningless.  Whats more important is if they worked with the same people on multiple projects (not multiple episodes of the same project)   and people above the line-- directors, writers and producers.    Do we know what is generating this section?  Can it be edited by paying members?



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21 days ago

Hello @debbie_haeusler,

Please note that the "Frequently credited with" feature is automatically displayed based on certain criteria and it cannot be changed manually.