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Thursday, November 3rd, 2022 10:48 PM



​I really like your site and have been using it for a couple of years.​
​Every time I watch a movie I add it to the watchlist.​
​I discovered a while ago the My IMDb extension for chrome, which is phenomenal, because when I review an actor's movies, the extension highlights the movies I have already seen.​
​The problem I have now, is that the watchlist has a limit of 10,000.- I can't add more movies.​
​Is there any way to increase the limit? ​
​Does IMdb Pro support more than 10.000?​
​Please your comments.​



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5 months ago

Sorry, but the maximum is 10,000. IMDbPro is not different in that regard.

You can create other lists.

From the Help Center:

Lists FAQ

Updated 17-December-2021 This page provides answers to the most common questions we often hear about regarding lists on IMDb - if your question isn't answered here, head on over to our community platform Sprinklr where another user sho ... Read more.

IMDbPro Lists FAQ

What's New in IMDbPro Lists? What are lists on IMDbPro, and how are they different from lists on IMDb? What are IMDbPro Industry Lists? How do I create a list? How can I edit my list? How can I add items to my list? How can I delete it ... Read more.

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5 months ago

Isn't the watchlist typically for movies you want to see, rather than movies you have seen? I usually just rate the movie 1-10 once I have watched it, and then remove it from my watchlist. Or maybe I've been doing it backwards all these years


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3 months ago

Why is Watchlist limited to 10.000 titles ?

I need more.

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Hello @gaelic69,

On IMDb, Watchlists and Lists can't by any larger than 10,000 titles. Please note this is not editable.

Please let us know if we can offer further help.



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@gaelic69​ You can always create other lists in addition to your watchlist -- please see https://help.imdb.com/article/imdb/track-movies-tv/lists-faq/GNQMN47VZSE7KW38