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Sun, Feb 13, 2022 11:20 PM


Translation of cast listings to french (as spoken in France, at least)

The cast listings in French translate the word "as" (in "actor's_name" as "character's_name") by the most common equivalent of "as" in French which is "comme".

The resulting mention : "nom_de_l'acteur" comme "nom_du_personnage" is eerily unfamiliar to the french ear, and, depending on your level of acquaintance with english, sounds either as slightly ridiculous or as a blatant anglicism/americanism. The correct translation for "as" in this context is : "dans le rôle de" or, if the name of the character starts with a vowel :"dans le rôle d' ".

In case the proposed correct translation is felt to be too long, or too complex to use properly because of the possible elision of "de" into "d' ", replacing "comme" by either a simple colon or nothing at all, would still be a significant improvement of the translation over the current situation.

A possible further complication is that French Canadians might feel perfectly comfortable with that americanism (honestly, I have no idea about that), but imdb translations already account for such local variations.

I hope those in charge will consider my proposal, submit it to native french speakers, and/or professional translators and adopt a better translation.


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Il y a 4 m

I'm a native French speaker too and agree with tagrup's comment. The translation of "as" by "comme" does not make sense in French and "dans le rôle de"/"dans le rôle d' " is definitely the best way to translate this. I hope this gets taken into account and fixed quickly.