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Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 10:13 AM


Is amazon censoring freedom of speech?

​Is amazon censoring freedom of speech?​

​This is my second post about this question here as my first already got deleted, even though it is a simple valid question I would like to get answer for...​

​On top, I got limited to post again from my original account... I attached a screengrab of that.​

​My main issue however:​
​I am not able to post a review for Rings of Power. There is not a single review below 6 at to moment. My review that is below this number got deleted, and my re-post is not shown.​

​Please Amazon, explain why people are not allowed to rate this show lower then 6!?​

​Is IMDB even reliable source for movie ratings?​

​ ​​ ​

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Ring of Power Review Question

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7 months ago

Also, when posting a review, I have to write at least 600 characters now, while many of the allowed positive ratings are even below 200 characters? Why was this limit increased now?