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Thu, Nov 24, 2022 9:18 PM

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Idea for browsing titles

With the popularity of TV series box sets and fast Internet speeds, we like to look, for a specific TV series, on a single scrolling screen all the episodes listed, with each episode's brief plot summary, followed by each episode's actor(s) listing.  Then, for a specific actor we like, we can see, for each episode(s) he appeared in, what the plot was and what fellow actor(s) were in that episode.  We can then make a decision whether or not we want to see that episode at that time.

Blue Bloods (2010-)
Season 01:
S01E01: Pilot    Sep 24 2010
Jamie becomes a New York police officer, like four other men in his family. Danny, his brother, solves the kidnapping of a diabetic nine-year-old. The FBI wants Jamie to spy on the Blue Templar, a police secret society.
Donnie Wahlberg ... Danny Reagan
Bridget Moynahan ... Erin Reagan-Boyle
Will Estes   ... Jamie Reagan
Andrew Terraciano ... Sean Reagan

S01E02: Samaritan  Oct 01 2010


S13E06: On Dangerous Ground  Nov 18 2022
Danny and Jamie clash over a gang-related shooting; Erin and Anthony search for answers when a lawyer in their office jeopardizes a case involving Erin's nephew; Frank grows concerned when he's not invited to speak at a policing forum.
Donnie Wahlberg ... Danny Reagan
Emily Shaffer  ,,, Monique

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4 days ago

You can accomplish this already:


You can reach this url clicking on the link on the main title page called "Top Rated", then modifying the sort and display settings. I edited the url further by adding "&count=1000" because the series has more than 250 episodes and this gets them all on 1 page.

You can also start at Advanced Title Search, but then add the "series=tt..." to the url.

Of course, you can also get this list one season at a time by clicking the Episodes link on the main page and selecting the season you want:


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23 hours ago

Thanks for the feedback.  We're almost there.

The actors listed for each episode are the 4 main actors.  How can this list be expanded to list ALL the actors credited in each episode?  For example, for the Pilot episode, there would be 18 actors listed, including the twin brothers:

"Blue Bloods" Pilot (TV Episode 2010) - IMDb