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Mon, Oct 23, 2017 1:32 PM


Is IMDb company planning on retiring the Episodes Rated pages?

It's part of the old something system (like with character pages), and for some television series (perhaps ones with no user vote data associated therewith), it behaves strangely or seemingly so. For example, epdate (sorted by air date), eprate (sorted by user rating) and epvote (sorted by number of user votes) are all blank in the content "div" for a particular show. One would think that it would look more like how the epdate, eprate and epvote pages for another show (and perhaps most shows) present, but with the "Rated Episodes" listing paragraph either blank or omitted, but it does not work that way.
  • Is this discrepancy a glitch?
  • What, if any, are the plans for mitigating the discrepancy?
The nice thing about this "old" feature is that we can gather a list of titles of all episodes for all seasons, one episode per line, for a given show basically all on a single page and without extra bits like plot information.

The reason for inquiring about the potential future status of this interface is because it looks like it could be falling into disrepair, which would invariably be on account of "old" age of the parent/template interface.

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