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Saturday, September 3rd, 2022 11:52 PM


Genuine question Rings of Power reviews, integrity and honesty.


I've used this website for over 15 years for film information, trivia and ratings etc but I'm so gutted that reviews are being doctored. I don't know if this has been happening all the time as generally I find shows that I look up have reviews I feel are respresentative.

Now we know where I'm going with this, Rings of Power has had all it's reviews 5 or below removed and I know there's obviously review bombing happening but it has gone both ways you cannot be telling me 20k (currently) people have rated this 10/10? there's more 10/10 than there are 1/10 (16k currently). If your going to hide the low reviews but leave the high ones what does that say? 

I think IMDB needs to show some integrity (Amazon owned IMDB) and Amazon need to trust that if Rings of Power is as good as they say it is then restore all reviews and the show will speak for itself.  

For context I've only seen the original LOTR trilogy, not read the books and haven't watched The Hobbit films (looked awful).

Kind Regards

An honest IMDB user. 

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