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Tuesday, November 29th, 2022 12:24 AM



due to Facebook login going away -- I'm not able to access my data

Hey guys,
I used to log in with Facebook, for over a decade. My main use for IMDb is my Watchlist. Today, when I tried to log in, I saw that FB isn't supported anymore. I went through the process of linking it with my email, but once I did that - it linked with another IMDb account which had only 9 items in my Watchlist. 
So this is a merge bug. Here is the issue -- I'm not able to get back into my account which had the 400+ watchlist since the email that was tied to it (via Facebook) also existed as an email with IMDb. When the linking happened -- IMDb reverted to my tiny account vs. my super old account. 
I know that my data isn't lost because when I try to change my automatically created username to the one I know that had the large Watchlist -- it says the username is already taken. So my data is still on the servers. But I can't access it.
Basically -- I need to be able to log in with my old username (at least once), but not able to, since IMDb only accepts email addresses now. 

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