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Friday, February 3rd, 2023 2:40 AM


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back to top tab

I like the "back to top" tab very much, I like this feature so much that I was thinking imdb can expand it by adding it to every page, to the page of every movie, tv shows, it's episodes, including the goofs, trivia, etc. Because for example for popular movies such as the dark knight, which is somewhat of a new movie (I realize for older movies there's obviously going to include more content) there's close to 400 trivia and if a user needs to reach to the top of the page quickly for any reason, the "back to top" tab can make the scrolling process less tedious, I'd like to see the "back to top" tab added for people as well including their biographical pages for the same reasons. However, I did see a few complaints to this feature because some users found the tab annoying because it blocks some parts of the page. I feel the size of the tab is the correct size because it doesn't block too much of the page. I did see a solution to these complaints which was to increase of the tab a little to add an X, and once you press the X, the tab will disappear. I believe this the best compromise for the users that like this feature and the latter which is to include that X, does anyone agree, disagree or have a better solution besides adding the X?


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