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Mon, Dec 20, 2021 2:39 AM



Advanced filtering a watchlist

I want to filter my watchlist by keyword .  I noticed when i go to view other people's list  there are more options to filter, but when I view my own watchlist , there's less options.   How do i refine mine like the other? 



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1 year ago

By using Advanced Title Search:

or move/copy your Watchlist contents to a custom list you create, which will have all the Refine tools you've seen elsewhere.

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@bderoes Thanks i wish they made it easier  

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11 months ago


Today I was fooling around with the IMDb App (the android based, but I guess it applies to the Apple one as well) and noticed that the watchlist section has much more filters than the browser one.

The browser one has Type, Genre and Release Year, while the app has Type, Genre, Ways to Watch, Content Rating and Watched. It would be nice to have those 3 additional filters in the browser version, mostly Ways to Watch and Watched.

Is is something that can be done "manually"? I don't mind adding additional parameters to the link, but I don't know what's being used as parameters, plus an user-friendly filter is always best. Maybe it's something I have to enable, but I didn't see anything of the sort in the settings.

Thanks for the help

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