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The old film i watched on the "Russia Culture" channel

Hello. The old film i watched on the "Russia Culture" channel when visiting this country in around 2012-2014. 
The first notable thing from this film i remember is the phrase said by some adult character. He says: "Children/kids commit most of crimes today". And then, the scene of vandalism. On the TV it looked like the scene is set at night. Kids (13-15 years old) gather in front of the window of a closed shop. A rock is thrown by a skinny boy (the main one in the band) and it breaks the window.
Then i remember the shot in the school corridor where this skinny boy with his classmates bully a fat boy during recess. The fat boy is from their class. The notable thing here is that the skinny boy (the bully) always takes the lead among other kids.
After that, the bully and the fat boy become friends. They spend summer with each other in a country house under the care of adults (maybe someone's parents or school teachers). 
Then, the shot in the school corridor again. The fat boy and the bully argue with each other in front of their schoolmates. And the bully says him: "Hit/answer me, fatty!" (The bully never calls him by name). The fat boy do not react and when recess is over, he goes to a classroom pushing away the bully from himself. Other kids go to the classroom, too. Some of them even  bumped the bully on the shoulder without accepting him as a leader anymore. 
The last thing i remember is the letter the bully leaves for the fat boy, which saying something about fishes. I don't remember exactly. 
It's an old coloured film.
Year: 1960-1980, it could be earlier.
Looks like a classic film.
As far as I'm concerned, the story is set in the postwar period. 
It had a voice-over translation when it was broadcasted on Russian TV.
It was too many years ago, so I can't name the country of filming and the original language. It might be British, French, Italian, German... But not Russian)
I searched in the archive of the Russia Culture channel but i didn't find it. It's a very big archive.

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The old film i watched on the "Russia Culture" channel

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