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Friday, March 1st, 2024 10:22 PM

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Looking for the movie title of a thriller from the 1970ies

Hello movie fans,

I have been looking for a Thriller film from the 1970ies (or 1980ies).
So my memory may be off in some aspects but this is what I think I remember

The protagonist is an engineer or a mathematician who possesses some valuable information (formula, or equation). He is chased by some larger entity, a company, or a group of men, who want that information.
I also remember that there is a woman who helps him throughout the movie.
I also remember that it ends with the protagonist getting on a boat or ferry to flee from the situation, an act that was arranged by that woman.

I would appreciate all kids of hints or guesses or the title.




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4 months ago

@AngeZar88 The movie Torn Curtain (1966) has all of the elements you describe. 

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Thanks for the response, but no it’s not the movie I am looking for.

I just looked up Torn Curtain and I don’t think Julie Andrews was in the movie.

It was a brunette, I think, with longer hair, who was giving him Information or was secretly helping him.

And it’s either from the 70er or 80ies.

The quest for this movie is more difficult than I thought.

But thanks for responding!!!!