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Tuesday, November 21st, 2023 7:42 AM


Help me find the title of this movie from the 80s/90s

I can't remember the name. I can picture the main actor in my head but can't come up with his name. The plot of the movie is that a couple had a newborn. He goes to work (I assume) and she gets a call to come to a motel for a newborn photo shoot. She goes and she is killed (I believe it was staged to look like a suicide) and the baby is taken. The husband's family believes that she killed the baby and took her own life (although they can't locate the baby at all). He feels like there was foul play. I can't remember of a lot of it from there but the husband finds the baby after some running around and altercations. An old woman had kidnapped (or had the baby kidnapped) because of some tie to the husband. I believe it was that she had been his foster mom or something and then he was taken back. Does this ring any bells with anyone? 

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7 months ago

Not at all, but maybe you could describe the main actor? 

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5 months ago

It’s Deadly Deception (1987). I was looking for the same movie and did some googling. I only could remember who played the mom of the man in the movie. It was a good movie.