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Sat, May 28, 2022 7:37 PM

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When is the time for contradictory Subgenres to be deleted and/or corrected? Part One

When will IMDb bring some common sense and logic to the list of subgenres?

Let's begin with just one problem (there are many):  The repetition of genres within subgenres, which is outlawed in IMDb's own guidelines:

"Repeating genres - For example, we have the genres Romance and Drama so you can submit these as genres to the title rather than submitting the keyword romantic-drama. For an exceptional genre on an episode that does not relate to the overall series, please see the -episode special keywords below."

In the current list of contradictory subgenres are the following, which should be removed immediately from the list, and which should be "unblocked" so they can be  deleted as keywords:














Instead of creating such un-called-for subgenres, perhaps IMDb should clarify for users that one can easily research combinations of genres through an advanced search.

This current nonsense opens up the possibility that any ONE of the current 28 genres could be combined with any one (or two, or three, or four, or maybe more) of the other 27 genres to create another unnecessary subgenre and keyword.

Why is it so difficult for IMDb to follow its own guidelines?  Contributors try to do so, so why can't the staff?

Please, delete these from then list of submerges, and remove the blocks that prevent them from being deleted as keywords, thereby complying with IMDb's very own own guidelines.

More to follow...

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4 m ago

Although Mr. Kent already knows (or should know) this, I am posting the following points for anyone who might not be aware.

1. Many of the specific keywords listed by Mr. Kent are expressly listed as "accepted" subgenre keywords here. So this is not exactly a case of IMDb not following its own guidelines, but rather a case of different guidelines that conflict with each other.

2. Over the past few weeks, Mr. Kent has written many, many separate posts on this exact same subject. A few of his posts have been merged here

3. Staff have acknowledged the policy issue and said they are looking into it.

4. Some contributors (myself included) have no problem with multiple-genre keywords. In my opinion these keywords enhance, rather than detract from, the user experience, including data searches.

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4 m ago

1.  In accepting them as keywords, IMDb is contradicting its own guidelines.  They SHOULD NOT have been accepted. in the first place  Many of the "accepted subgenres" are very questionable, even nonsensical.  They logically suggest the addition of thousands, perhaps millions of new keywords that combine the existing genres and even add existing keywords in many, many, many different combinations.  (Do an advanced search of genres, then combine them, then look at the existing keywords listed for the titles in these "accepted subgenres," and you will see an astronomical number of new, repetitious keywords that would be possible!)


2.  I have requested, and continue to request, that my postings NOT be merged with other postings.

3.  The staff has been "looking into it" for a long time and needs to make a decision.

4.  Some contributors, like myself, DO have a problem with these contradictions.

Why must you always be so contrary?

I await a staff response.  I would much rather hear from them than you, and kindly request that you not respond to any of my further postings.  I will return the favor, in kind.


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3 m ago

How about a staff response?  This cannot be THAT difficult, can it?