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Tuesday, December 27th, 2022 9:35 PM

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When creating new keywords, the "did you mean?" suggestions should include the number of titles in parentheses for each existing keyword

This post involves the process by which a contributor tries to add a previously non-existing keyword on IMDb to a title. Since the keyword doesn't already exist and the contributor is essentially creating a new keyword, the system will suggest existing keywords that might be a better fit (or that the contributor might have intended in the first place). These keyword suggestions have been referred to by @Peter_pbn as the "did you mean?" keyword suggestions, which I think is a good name. 

A couple years ago, Peter made this suggestion regarding the "did you mean?" keyword suggestions:

Perhaps the number of titles in which the keyword is currently used could be included in parentheses in the keyword suggestions (as it is in the regular keyword search).

The purpose of this "idea" post is to formally propose Peter's idea in its own thread, so that IMDb staff will respond and hopefully implement this suggestion.

I fully support this idea because it would help steer contributors to the more popular preexisting keywords, plus it would help reduce the bifurcation, duplication, and orphaning of keywords. (Orphaned keywords are keywords that apply only to a single title.) 

Based on my own experience, it is not always clear to me which (if any) of the "did you mean?" suggestions is best. Including the number of titles for each keyword will help with that assessment. If I see that an alternative keyword has been applied to only 1 title, I might choose to change that keyword on the other title to my newly created keyword. Or if I see that an alternative keyword has been applied to hundreds of titles, I may choose to go with that keyword rather than create a new keyword.

Below is a sample image to show what this might look like. To show what would be added, I have typed in the numbers of titles in grey for each existing keyword.

I believe this innovation would be simple and easy to implement, and it would really help with the keyword experience on IMDb. 

If you support this idea, please upvote this post.

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