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Friday, August 24th, 2018 10:59 AM

These Movie Connections can't be Submitted to Pages for Some Reason

I tried submitting movie connections regarding the films titled The Maltese Falcon to somewhere, but they don't seem to be doing so for some reason, not sure why those films can't be Movie Connected from what I can see.

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6 years ago

Hi CuriousUser,

I ran into the same trouble lately. It depends what kind of relationship you want to establish. Some (equivalent to one-to-one) can be done through the existing Edit procedure, the other ones (involving the creation of a group such as remakes) have to be channeled through the Contact form.

Could you share which movies you want to link and the type of relationship you want to invoke?

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6 years ago

Hi, CuriousUserX90. You should try to see if your problem can be resolved by submitting an inquiry through the IMDb Contact Us form: select the topic "IMDb Fan/Contributor questions", the issue "Titles" and the issue details "Update complex connections"; read the instructions under the subject heading "Solve the issue here" and click the "E-mail" button, proceeding forward with your request in the format suggested by the interface:
Please provide the following information, as applicable:

Title 1 link:
Title 2 link:
Type of connection (Followed by/Follows, Version of, Alternative language version of):
Reason: Explain how both titles are connected (IMPORTANT: this reason will be published on the site so please be clear, concise and specific when explaining the connection):

Why are you requesting this update? (please be as detailed as possible - if you are requesting a change to an existing connection please call out exactly which one you are referring to):