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Wed, May 5, 2021 12:57 AM

separate entries for different seasons

so there's an entry for a tv show

it already has all the episodes and seasons listed

but then there are separate entries for its seasons in the db

and all of them are empty



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3 d ago

The same goes for All Over the Place (TV Series 2011– ) - IMDb which is "All Over the Place."

I was going to update them early last year, until I realised that someone has added every series as a separate series, which should all be part of the one above.



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2 d ago

The "Svaty" series was brought up before, and there was not agreement among Russian contributors on how to list it:

But certainly the show should not be listed *both* as multiple seasons and as multiple separate series. So perhaps merging is the way to go.

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that's totally not exactly the same thing, we are not talking about spinoffs and neither there were movies.

the root entry already contains EVERYTHING from other entires

and if we assume that there were tv movies, then those non-root entries should have been converted from (TV) into movies. but there were no movies for 3-6

but the thing is it's like the

technically it's two episodes, they even have a title in the middle. but i never saw them not shown together.

there are a ton of soviet movies with an entr'acte. you know like indian movies have an intermission, or ancient hollywood has intermissions

or let's take

it has season 1

but in fact, it's 4 full movies

so what сваты is:

season 1 = kindzadza a movie in two parts

season 2 = kindzadza a movie in two parts

season 3-6 = pure tv series seasons

if any, all of the links i posted in the beginning really should not exist. if we are to be pointlessly pedantic kindzadza and svaty 1-2 should all be a (TV) with 2 episodes each.

i dunno about 1-2-3 because of that, but 4-5-6 should be merged for sure. and all episodes of season 1-2 BESIDES the first two each should be nuked. total span of the thing is 64 episodes, not 87

since we found several clear cut issues it should be easy to nuke excessive in seasons 1-2 but mods hate to delete anything

CIS territories tv is just weird with naming schemes