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Review does not meet contribution guidelines (Rings of Power)

​So I gave episode 2 a 6/10 and wrote the following text (contains spoilers), I really don't see what is wrong with it and why it would get declined for 'not meeting contribution guidelines'.​

​The only thing I can think off is that I said dark-skinned? Calling someone light-skinned or dark-skinned is not offensive though is it?​

​Contribution #220906-125743-484604​

​I have watched both episodes 1 and 2, I will continue to watch episode 3, but so far the show is just extremely average.​

​The visuals are stunning, the budget did its job there. I don't love the look of the elves themselves, they dont look very defining Elvish, same with the female dwarves. But I can get past that.​

​I would have liked them to better visuallise where in middle earth the different locations are. The quick map shots are too unclear and the descriptions vague 'southern lands' doesnt tell you much. I suppose that is where Gondor will be.​

​The show is not bad, but nothing so far excites me going towards episode 3. The characters are very plain.​

​Galadriel is the know-it-all heroin, who is brave and all that stuff.​

​Nori is the young curious one, she has potential to become interesting.​

​Elrond is not really a personallity (yet). Just very bland.​

​The female dwarf surprised me in a good way, her scenes though few and not fery defining yet made me smile.​

​And the dark skinned elf assuming he survived could be interesting, I just really hope it wont revolve around his love for that human woman. Who also could become an interesting character.​

​Story itself, dark lord was defeated, everyone was happy except for few who expected return. People call in this case Galadriel a fool, Return indeed happens.​

​Its very basic but can still work. Often how you tell a story is more important than what the story actually is.​

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