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Tuesday, October 25th, 2022 11:51 PM



Rejection of Accurate Cast Additions #2. Why?

There continues to be a great discrepancy surrounding the acceptation or rejection of cast additions for Background Actors, Extras, Dancers, Musicians etc. who appear or are heard ON-SCREEN and who have ON-SCREEN CREDITS.  Their rejection is a great discredit to these performers, and belies IMDb's trust in ON-SCREEN CREDITS.

I can give you examples of both, but IMDb needs to clarify its policy.

I, of course, think that ALL ON-SCEEN CREDITS should be honored with an eared listing on IMDb.

P.S. It is also disrespectful of contributors who take the time and attention to ADD these ON-SCREEN CREDITS, all of which are verifiable in the actual ON-SCREEN CREDITS.

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1 year ago

The entire above post needs to be, not just linked here, but repeated here:

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Fri, Oct 28, 2022 5:24 PM

No Status

Can I get an accountable answer why my submissions ( with evidence ) are constantly being denied ?

I have previously submitted many updates. Each of them were declined, although I submitted evidence the last times. At my wit's end, I posted here, and an IMDB staff kindly replied and said she submitted my entry on my behalf. Encouraged, I contributed another entry of a different film with my pc screenshot of end credits as evidence. (it was new mechanism for me. There might be some problems with the screenshot. If there was, I could have been asked to re-send etc) The entry has been denied !!! I reposted inquiring whether I have to post in the "Support" boards every time I submit an update, for an IMDB staff to resubmit on my behalf. There was no reply.

So, what exactly is going on? We are not being paid. We contribute out of our love from movies. Is this the respect or treatment we deserve? We should submit contributions, provide evidence, then again post here seeking help, if we are in luck, our posts will be resubmitted by a staff, or we will get no reply- is that a way to get treated by an International reputed company? Resubmitting the specific entry doesn't solve the problem, actually. Can we expect a little more accountability?

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Except that is an entirely separate thread. If you're going to copy and paste an entire separate post, the two posts might as well just be merged. (But in this case keeping the posts separate, with a link from one thread to the other, was sufficient.)

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I second keyboard_expert's opinion. They will just delete the entry , as their regulations allow them to do so, and may stretch it further to protect their policies. I think it would be best to be very lawful goody-two-shoes (lol) and then consistently demand answer without sabotaging our own legitimate stand even slightly.

i think its better if we dont copy-paste  the other post completely in this thread ( they will, surely, merge it). If necessary, I can post a separate entry if I receive no explanations in the next 24-48 hours. its safe not to use the same post twice. I did it last time, they are sure to merge them/or delete them.