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Thu, Jul 22, 2021 5:50 PM


[ Primary images - part 2 ]



[ Primary images ]
Tue, Jun 15, 2021
Answered  :  Michelle, Employee, Thu Jul 01 2021

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Etienne Girardot
(1856–1939) (age 83)

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Kate Smith 
(1907–1986)  (age 79)

from poster

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Ludwig Stössel
(1883–1973) (age 89)

from poster

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Alan Lee

No other photos ?

Great photo here !!!

Alan Lee Image from
Rear Window (1954)
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
The entire movie was shot on one set, 
which required months of planning and construction.
The apartment-courtyard set measured ninety-eight feet wide,
one hundred eighty-five feet long, and forty feet high, 
and consisted of thirty-one apartments, 
eight of which were completely furnished.
The courtyard was set twenty to thirty feet below stage level, 
and some of the buildings were the equivalent of five or six stories high.




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Hi ACT_1 -

I have adjusted the primary images for most of the names you reported above, unfortunately, we do not have any existing gallery images for "Alan Lee".