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Monday, June 28th, 2021 3:17 PM

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Please add "Listen Free" link to our podcast page

Our podcast is available on Amazon Music and we'd like to add the "Listen Free" link on the title page.

I submitted the IMDb contact form, but the reply I got from IMDb staff Charlie says I should submit this as feedback here!!

IDK why he said that! Because, as seen in most of the similar threads here, IMDb staff recommends submitting this through the contact form.

Can someone fix this for us? 


Amazon Music:


Thanks in advance.



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3 years ago

Hi malayali -

To clarify, currently our Watch Offer data can only be matched/displayed for Amazon AIV and/or DVD titles, unfortunately, we cannot link to Podcasts at this time.

This is why our support staff redirected you to our IMDb community, so that this can be posted as an "Idea" where other community members can vote on it and our staff can track interest.

I hope this helps!