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Missing information on Actor's Profile for Paul Wallace

Many of us know Paul Wallace best as his character Kippy, Bud's best friend on Father Knows Best.  His TV and Movie credits are listed very well on IMDB. However his Bio here is conspicuously empty. There is nothing much there other than a date of birth. May 26, 1938 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is an actor, known for .... Nothing about family, school etc. My main  concern is that it says "is" and not "was" an actor.  While I can't verify this myself, I had posted a question about him on Facebook in the Father Knows Best fan page, assuming he was still alive and saying that IMDB had basically nothing in his Bio.  A fan there responded to my post stating that sadly Paul Wallace died of AIDS a long time ago.  If this is true, why does IMDB not list him as deceased with a date of death?  Can someone verify if he is truly no longer living and update his bio from Is to was and add a date of death? 



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IMDb gets its information from users who contribute such information.

Here are guidelines about biographical information, including date of death:

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I have found information online (via that supports part of the missing information. Social Security data shows a person who was born May 26, 1938 in Los Angeles, birth name Paul Norton Willens. "Jun 1952: Name listed as PAUL NORTON WILLENS; Mar 1958: Name listed as PAUL WALLACE". Date of death is given as November 30, 2001. What I have found is not solid enough to prove this date of death, but it may be helpful in locating a better reference and filling in some of the missing data. I expect that Paul's family, friends and acquaintances memorialized his passing in some way, and with time we may be able to update his bio on IMDb.