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Wed, Jul 21, 2021 7:43 PM

IMDB "Know Fear" Losing ratings - wanted to ask if anyone at IMDB can show us?

We are an independent production company. This post concerns our film KNOW FEAR, film page is here: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9191700/


Our film had well over 1,450 user RATINGS ane we check again only to see that it has 465?  We tried to post on this question but it was marked SOLVED before we got the help we needed.  We tried to contact a member of the support staff and they said there was an attempt to quote "stuff the ballot" and "skew the results" we find it hard to believe that 1000 ratings on this indie film could be faked. We sent immediate return emails with no help from them again.  Now - from our perspective, IMDB has deleted 1000 mainly positive ratings, bringing our overall score to 4.4 instead of 5.5 (Indie filmmakers need these metrics to be as strong as possible as we do not have million dollar marketing budgets).  We have had well over 200,000 on a single Youtube platform alone called "Watch Movies Now" that plays with ads (this does not include Amazon, Tubi, Roku, etc).  Our first topic was marked SOLVED beofore we got what we are looking for below.


A) Screenshot or data - this is our business to know and we want to see if a staff member can see what happened and if there is data (like a screen shot they can snap and share here) on what happened?

B) Purchased ratings - did someone "buy" these ratings and if so WHO would do that?  There is a rumor about this being a problem on IMDB and other sites with ratings.

C) Hackers - Is this a scam that happens to many IMDB film pages by hackers?  We want to see something that proves that these ratings needed to be deleted?  Was our page hacked/scammed and can IMDB staffers show us who is responsible?

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