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Friday, June 2nd, 2023 12:35 AM


Helpful or unhelpful buttons on reviews are not working.

The “helpful” or “not helpful” buttons on user reviews are not working for me. When i use it, i get a response that says “Thank you! Your vote will be counted and appear on this site shortly.”

But, for some reason, my choice is not counting and when I leave the review section and come back, the feedback does not add to the number of “helpful” or “unhelpful” total and i can choose an option again.

Its been like this for over a day(almost 2 now), not sure what to do.



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4 months ago

Hi @mcgarretsteven -

Your 'HelpFul"/"Unhelpful' vote is  recorded, however, votes are not processed in real-time which is why you are not immediately seeing a change in the vote count .  Similarly your specific vote of Yes vs. No is not reflected once you move away from a page and return, this is the expected behavior.  

We do have an existing Idea thread that addresses this display limitation, I encourage you to add your vote to that Idea which will be highlighted to IMDb staff for future site improvements.

I hope this helps!