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Fri, Mar 4, 2022 6:45 PM

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Marking review as helpful/not helpful is not being saved

When I click on the thumbs up/down to mark a review as helpful/not helpful the app does react. But if I leave the app and come back to it, I see that it’s not been saved. Say a review has 50 thumbs up, I mark it as helpfully as well, it says “You found this helpful”. I leave the app and come back to it: the thumbs up are back to 50 instead of showing 51. 



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4 m ago

@Susy  Thanks for the feedback, however, this is the expected behaviour today.  Your vote is recorded, but votes are not processed in real-time, sorry.  Similarly your specific vote of up vs. down is not reflected once you move away from a page and return, sorry.  

We will convert your post into an idea for future consideration.